Recommendations for Authors

Counselling and Spirituality accepts interdisciplinary research in counselling, psychotherapy (individual, couples, family and group), psychology, spirituality, mental health, ethics, and practical and/or pastoral theology. Each volume of the journal addresses specific themes in these areas. The journal is published twice a year.

For each volume, we try to maintain a balance between theoretical and empirical papers and qualitative and quantitative research. The journal publishes only original texts which are academic in nature. We give great importance to the written quality of the manuscript.

Counselling and Spirituality publishes only manuscripts that are original and have not been published elsewhere. Each manuscript is submitted to an anonymous peer-review process in addition to an evaluation by the editorial board.

Manuscript Submission:

  • A manuscript submitted to Counselling and Spirituality should not be currently in review with any other professional publication.
  • All manuscripts will be reviewed by at least two experts in the area.

Presentation Format for the Manuscript:

  1. Manuscripts must be printed on standard paper, double-spaced and one-sided only. The length of articles must be less than 25 pages, notes, references, tables and figures included.
  2. The manuscript title, author's names and affiliations, city and contact information (mailing address, phone, fax numbers and email address) should be presented on a separate page.
  3. Use italics for:
    - Journal or book titles
    - Words/ phrases in the text which are in a language other than English.
  4. If you use an acronym or symbol, please indicate its complete meaning the first time it is used.
  5. Tables, figures and graphs should be presented on separate pages, in order of presentation in the text, titled, and their source well-identified.


  1. Short quotes should appear in the text within quotation marks. Long quotes (4 lines or more) should be indented and single spaced without quotation marks.
  2. Quotations in French should just be included in the text. Quotations in languages other than French or English should be translated. Translations made by the author, him or herself should be clearly indicated.


  1. Do not cite full references in the text of the manuscript. Citations in the text should correspond to the APA publication style (e.g., Smith & Jones, 1996). Page numbers for direct quotes should be given (e.g., Smith & Jones, 1996, p. 35).
  2. Footnotes exist only to provide more detail and/or substantial commentary that serve to supplement the main text. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and single-spaced. Indications for a footnote should be presented immediately after the related passage in the text and before any punctuation.

Reference Section:

The reference section should begin on a separate page directly following the end of the text. The list of references should be in alphabetical order and double-spaced. References should follow the APA publication style.


Authors should provide an English abstract for the manuscript that is about 8 to 10 lines, double-spaced on a separate page after the title page. A French version of this abstract (called a Résumé) should also be provided on the same page. If you have difficulty in providing a French translation, please contact the Associate Editor.

Biographical Information:

Authors should provide a brief biographical sketch (i.e., no more than 5 lines) on a separate sheet.

Initial Submission for Review:
Electronic submission is encouraged. Files should be in Microsoft Word or Rich Text Format (RTF).

Please send the manuscript to:
Soti Grafanaki, Ph.D
Saint Paul University,
223 Main St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 1C4